Bowers Road


N7173 Bowers Road
Elkhorn   53121

Available Materials


Bank Run
Bedding Sand
Cow Bedding Sand
Crushed Bank Run
Crushed Gravel
3/4" Crushed Stone Chips
3/4" Dense Base Agg
1 1/4" Dense Base Agg
Grade 1 Granular Backfill
Grade 2 Granular Backfill
Granular Sewer Backfill
MWE Wall Sand Backfill
Structure Backfill
No 1 Screened Stone / 5/8" Stone


No 1 Washed Stone
No 2 Washed Stone
Pea Gravel
Reject Stone
Septic Stone
Torpedo Sand


Millings - Asphalt
Recycled Asphalt
Recycled Concrete

Wisconsin Sewer & Water Spec. - Municipal

Table 33 - 3/4" Crushed Stone Chips
Table 35 - Bedding Sand - Natural
Table 37 - 2" Minus Granular Backfill
Table 39 - Crushed Road Gravel

Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation

3/4" Dense Agg. Base Course
1 1/4" Dense Agg. Base Course
Granular Backfill
Structure Backfill
MSE Wall Sand Backfill

Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation

Course Aggregate - No 1 Washed Stone
Course Aggregate - No 2 Washed Stone
Fine Aggregate - Washed Torpedo Sand
Pea Gravel