We provide sand for a variety of commercial and residential projects. Our products find place in large municipal and industrial range operations as well as smaller residential and landscaping projects. Our sand is high quality, affordable and conveniently available.  Ordering sand from Johnson Sand & Gravel simple and streamlined.

Types of Sand

Because we excavate and restore a variety land area types, we also have a variety of sand types. We offer:
  • bedding sand
  • cow bedding sand
  • de-icing sand
  • fill sand
  • mound sand
  • natural screened sand
  • washed mason sand
  • washed torpedo sand – fine aggregate [Wisconsin Department of Transportation Specifications]

Uses for Sand

Our sand is used in a variety of ways. Listed below are some of the ways Johnson Sand & Gravel customers have used our sand:
  • bedding and backfilling utility trenches [electric, gas and water]
  • farm uses – cow bedding and horse rings
  • municipal roadways
  • patio paver base
  • residential gardens and landscaping
  • residential sanitary septic systems
  • sand boxes and play areas
  • volleyball and horse shoe pits
  • concrete [commercial and residential]

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