We provide gravel for a variety of commercial and residential projects. Our products find place in large municipal and industrial range operations as well as smaller residential and landscaping projects. Our gravel is high quality, affordable and conveniently available.  Ordering sand from Johnson Sand & Gravel simple and streamlined.

Types of Gravel

We offer:
  • Wisconsin Department of Transportation grade
  • Wisconsin Sewer and Water grade
  • general use

Commercial Uses for Gravel

Our gravel is used in a variety of ways. See the list below:
  • state highway, county and municipal road base
  • sewer and water line backfill
  • general backfill

Buying Gravel from Johnson Sand & Gravel

We specialize in helping customers (both commercial and residential) identify the right kind of gravel product based on their project, quantity and requirements. The service we offer is consistent with our ethics and we set a similar benchmark for all our clients, big and small.

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