A home can take a lifetime to build.  Johnson Sand & Gravel understands this.  Rather than choosing the option of moving away and building a new home, more and more homeowners are choosing to stay at their current property.  By upgrading a current landscape, homeowners are creating a greater sense of home and curb appeal.  We are here to help.

Johnson Sand & Gravel for Homeowners

While we work with municipal governments and on large contracts, we also work with residential homeowners. For each customer (residential or commercial), we offer the following services:
  • technical guidance
  • quality aggregate materials
  • estimates
  • load services
  • delivery
Looking for a change?  We are happy to supply our sand, gravel and stone products for any number of DIY projects.  Some are listed below:
  • retaining walls
  • garden areas
  • recreational areas
  • driveways
  • walking paths
  • decorative walls
  • decks
  • fences
  • patios
  • swimming pools
  • horse rings and paddocks
  • sand boxes and play areas
  • drainage
  • DIY concrete projects
We will work with you.  We can do it all – loading, delivering and unloading.  Or, if you prefer, bring your truck or trailer to our yard and we will load the material of your choice for you.

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